Saturday 13 July 2019

Protecting business with Iran

Since the US began to increase pressure on Iran, we have heard that the Rouhani regime has been passing  3.67% uranium stockpile limit permitted by 2015 nuclear deal. It is a very low level, which proves that Iran is not working on a nuclear weapon.
In this context, while the US is still imposing severe sanctions against Teheran, the Europeans should allow their companies to make business with Iran. Companies that want to import oil from Iran they have to be protected from the US.
According to international law, America can't interfere in the internal Europeans affairs, telling them who they can trade with, and who they cannot trade with. In addition, some calculations show that European economy is larger than US economy, and the European population is larger than US population. Consequently,  the EU has leverage on the Americans.
Meanwhile, after British Royal Marines had seized an Iranian oil tanker near Gibraltar, Iranian boats tried to impede a British oil tanker near the perilous strait of Hormuz.
Although the tension in the region is rising by the day, the US, UK and Iran say they don't want to escalate conflict.

Friday 5 July 2019

Sea-Watch 3

On July 3rd an Italian Judicial Court rejected the validation of Carola Rackete’s arrest, declaring she acted out of an obligation to save migrants. The judge disputed the crime resistance to public officials was justified “in a performance of a duty to save lives at sea”.
Consequently, since July 3rd vessels’ commanders of the NGO involved in human trafficking, who pretend to help people, may feel free of an obbligation while they will perform illegal migrants smuggling through the Italian territorial sea. So Europeans, who are interested in prostitution and illegal low wage employment in agricultural sector, can continue to steal human resources from the African continent. Actually, the Italian magistrates aren’t able to find evidence about the relationship between rescue vessels and people who exploit human trafficking. As it is known, on June 14 the NGO vessel “Sea-Watch 3” refused to take rescued migrants to the Libya’s capital, after it “had saved” migrants next to the Libyan territorial see. The Dutch rescue vessel asked for a port and obtained it in Tripoli. “Sea-Watch”  said Tripoli is not a safe port. 
While the Italian judge was stating that the German captain of the rescue charity ship had not broken the law, at least 44 migrants and refugees were killed by an air raid on a detention centre in the Eastern side of Tripoli.  Although there is no evidence yet, it seems there is a combination between the two events. Since July 3rd rescue vessels must not go back to Tripoli,  as it is no safe for migrants, because of the air raid. The military attack involving aircraft was conducted by Egypt and UAE, who delivered bombs purchased by France’s government on Tripoli's suburbs. Since 2011 France has been responsible of civil war in Libya, which caused illegal migrants smuggling and human trafficking. France's government decided to start a military operation against Libya, which  caused very serious damages, not to mention of humanitarian aspects. European people today is totally divided on the existing interests of France and Germany, as European politics has been too far from people and too close to finance and human trafficking. That's why people in the UK decided to leave the EU when they voted the 2016 Brexit referendum. Actually, there are criminals at global level who want to continue to steal human resources from the African continent.

To summarize, at the moment NGOs and smugglers may ship thousands of migrants towards Italy, under the pretext of rescuing, because Italian judge stated  “Sea-Watch 3” captain, Carola Rackete, didn’t break the law when she sailed through the Italian territorial sea and docked her migrants rescue vessel on the Island of Lampedusa without permission".