Monday 27 February 2023

World's multi-polarization

A 5th grade boy would understand that agreements between China and Russia are the opposition to United States egemony (1). As it is known, since 2014 the U.S. has been supplying weaponry to Ukraine in the name of 'persuading peace and promoting negotiations' (2). But, on the one hand, they demand that other countries are not allowed to do business with Russia. On the other hand, in October 2022 imports from Russia doubled from $ 332 million worth of goods  to $ 732. It means that despite the Western sanctions, USA's import of Russian goods has increased by 400 million in just one month (3). This is a typical example of hegemonic thinking. 

Many experts said the stable and friendly relations between China and Russia are not only an important force in maintainng global stability, but also accelerate the decay of  U.S. hegemony in terms of unipolarism. In this perspective, the director of the China's Central Commission for Foreign Affairs, Wang Yi, recently said that China's leadership is following a new vision of global sustainable security and cooperation, which consists of stability through multi-polarization (4).

(1) The picture above was taken about ten years ago by a friend of mine who went to China for job. 


(3) doubled-in-october/

(4) Wang Yi attended a meeting with Russian President at the Kremlin on 22 February, 2023.

Friday 24 February 2023

EU at a crossroad

I hope my blogging friends don't get bored reading geopolitical news and comments about the dangerous war, which has been spreading in Est Europe since late February (or since 2014 when democratically elected Ukraine president was overthrown).  

Actually, many people who live in the Western and Southern emyspheres don't perceive the war in East Europe as dangerous as it really is. This is a war that has changed Europe forever. The assumption that we have about Europe being forever safe, about borders being unchangeable, about human rights and convention on genocyde, and all the thinghs we have been taking for granted for many decades are now over.

According to the mainstream media system, the first anniversay of this war has been marked today, 24 february 2023. But it is not true, due to the fact that Russians had already invaded the main part of Donestk area some years before.  

From a geopolitical point of view, we are clearly going towards a multipolar world, as USA unipolarism will not exist anymore. In this context, the EU is at a crossroad: it could be an outright USA's satellite or a third power between USA-UK and China-Russia-Iran-South Africa-etc.

I hope Taiwan's people will not fall in the same trap as we see Ukrainians.

Friday 17 February 2023

Terrorist attack or act of war

Since the late 1970s the American investigative reporter Seymour Harsh has positioned himself against the various large mass new media that influence many people and shape prevailing currents of thoughts, as journalism rattles the credibility of any criticism. With regards to Harsh's report about the terrorist attack (or act of war) on the Nord Stream 2 pipeline, it seems there's a lack of willingness to investigate, as it appaers that the German government has neither the strenght nor the will to look for evidence.  The headline of Seymour Harsh's article, published on 6th February this year, was: "How America took out the Nord Stream pipeline".

In addition, members of the German government are not interested in counter the impression that they have no real interest in investigating the matter of terrorist attacks on the supply of energy through the Nord Stream pipelines. But most people in Germany expect their government comes to the investigation of the act of war and the fact that the revelations indicate their own ally, the USA, is responsible for the distruction of the Germany's infrastructure in the Baltic Sea's international waters.

According to the article above mentioned, there was a clear statement by the US President Joe Biden on 7th February last year. At a press conference with Federal Chancellor Scholz, he said: "If Russia invades, there will be no longer a Nord Stream 2. We will bring an end to it". In that context, a journalist made him a question with regards to the fact that the pipeline is 49% Germany owned. Mr. Biden answered: "I promise we will be able to do that". The author also reminds us of the importance of the public joy expressed by Under Secretary of State Victoria Nuland.  Actually, she recently said: "The US Administration is very gratified to know that Nord Stream 2" would not be operating. 

Who is behind the bombing of the Nord Stream 2 pipeline, which was built to carry natural gas from Russia to EU countries? An ostrich that stick its head in the ground trying to hide from predators wouldn't last for long. I think the EU have to find the strongest possible response to a terrorist attack in the Baltic Sea, close to the EU border. We, Europeans, are at a crossroad!

Sunday 12 February 2023

Blowing up Nord Stream

After I had read the article written by Pulizer Prize winning USA investigative journalist, Seymour Hersh, two things came to mind: cynical hypocricy and "divide and rule". According to the investigation, the USA and Norway worked togheter on blowing up the two Nord Stream pipelines. Seymour Hersh wrote: ""In June 2022 the Navy divers operating under the cover of a widely publicized mid-summer NATO exercise known as BALTOPS 22, planted the remotely triggered explosives ..."".

As it is know, Norway is a USA satellite and competitor of Russia in natural gas sales to the EU. But it is not a EU member. Norway has never been a EU country. 
In this context, Nord Stream is not even exclusively Russian, as it is 49% owned by EU countries. Consequently, one NATO partner, Norway, helps another NATO partner, USA, to blow up the pipeline which is owned by Germany and other NATO partners. 

I have heard many USA and EU experts on this topic. And they say that people, who haven't yet understood what is going on, continue to think NATO is an "alliance". People have to face the reality that declining American empire choose to simultaneously launch attacks on all three of its main geopolitical rivals: EU, Russia and China. Rather than fix problems at home, they seek to destroy others instead.

Meanwhile, the German government last week rejected Seymour Hersh's report. According to Berlin, it isn't yet possible to share findings on sabotage. It seems that blowing up Nord Stream pipeline is a truly act of war!

The answer remains open.

Friday 3 February 2023

Many powers are trying to escalate the war

I have been astonished since I heard that Britain should engage directly in war against Russia. The head of the British Parliament defence committee, Mr. Ellwood, recently said: "We are at war in Europe, we need to move to martial law". It's easy to see that some Western powers want (and need) the Ukrainian-Russian war to escalate. 

In this context, the fact that on February 11 Zelensky will be reached via video call, during Italy's festival song, is sparking political controversy. A petition against the speech of Ukrainian president at the Sanremo Festival has been launched in Italy. It is noted that more than 90,000 signatures have been collected until now. The petition, which has been signed by public figures, writers and artists, is against sending weapons to Ukraine, as Italy must end all direct or indirect assistance to one of the parties to the war.

I hope most people will understand soon that the enemy is not China, it is not Russia. The enemy is the military industrial complex. Once again I would like to write Pope Francis' quote about the war in East Europe. In 2022 Pope Francis said: "NATO barking at Russia's doors could have alarmed the Kremlin".

Meanwhile, those politicians calling for weapons & missiles to Ukraine, never call for weapons and missiles for the people of Palestine or for the people of Yemen.