Saturday 18 November 2023



Yesterday I noticed streets and alleys were so clean in the early evening, while I was enjoyed a walk through  Civitavecchia's historical neighborhood.  And I also saw someone who was picking up trashing and litter while walking. A few minutes later it was easy to see that there were two women who were not employed to collect urban waste. I have heard of garbage collectors,  who pick up and transport waste to disposal sites or recycling centers in the morning, but not in the early evening. 

After I had asked her why she was collecting waste in the early evening, she said that it was not her job. She specified it was a new sustainable initiative which combines walking with caring of urban environment. Obviously,  she wore gloves and had a bag to collect litter along her route. 

The term "plogging" is a combination of picking up litter while jogging.

The 3rd and the 4th pictures have nothing to do with plogging. They give two different perspectives of the parich church located in the octagonal square of San Lorenzo Nuovo, which is a small village (149 km North from Rome).

With its 2,000 inhabitants, San Lorenzo Nuovo lies close to the lake Bolsena in Central Italy.


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Saturday 4 November 2023

Southern corridor


A political leader's first duty is the welfare, progress and protection of his/her people and country he/she serves. That's why last month Hungary's prime minister, Viktor Orban, apparently issued a warning to his NATO allied. He said that Hungary would "go to war if energy supply were attacked". 

In 2022 Germany faced energy crisis after Nord Stream pipelines were attacked. And U.S. journalist Seymour Hersh accused Washington of orchestrating the attack on the two pipelines . 

As it is known, Nord Stream 1 and 2 were built to deliver Russian gas to some EU countries via Germany. And despite last year a few world powers worked togheter on blowing up the Nord Stream pipelines, Hungary and Serbia, which are two landlocked countries, can still purchase natural gas from the Caspian basin through the Azerbaijan, Türkiye (Trans Anatolian pipeline) and Bulgaria. 

In this perspective, the Hungarian prime minister made recently it very clear that if anybody would like to do the same thing with the Southern Corridor, as it was done with the Nord Stream, his country "will consider it as a reason for war". 

Hungary is a true independent and sovereign country, not like Vassal states. 

The two above pictures were taken by my daughters in 2019 while they were visiting the capital of Hungary, Budapest.

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Wednesday 1 November 2023

Gaza City

This post doesn't need any picture.

Last week the UN General Assembly voted overwhelmingly in support of humanitarian truce in Gaza, but Israel and United States voted against the resolution.

A Palestinian child in Gaza is killed in an Israeli attack every 10 minutes.