Saturday 17 February 2024

Excessive use of smartphone

Yesterday, on a cloudy friday, I had brunch in Rome after I had had a  myocardial scan. The cardiologist prescribed me to undergo this non-invasive imaging test that shows how well blood flows through my heart and muscles, as I go to the gym three times a week. This medical  test must be done on a empty stomach.  I'll get the medical report on 22nd February. 

The diagnostic centre is located in a beautiful corner of Rome.

On the way back home  I saw that most people handled their cell phones while travelling by train. I noticed that on average only one out of twenty people was reading a book or a newspaper.  

As it is known, mobile phones makes our lives easier, but on the other hand, excessive use of smartphone can reduce our cognitive and learning skill. In addition, it also tie us. I think we will face the same problem with artificial intelligence, which can change and shape human action.

With regards to artificial intelligence, former Google's CEO, Eric Schmidt, in 2022 wrote we must all ensure  that such a technological development "is not created in isolation", as we have to "pay attention to both its potential benefits and as potential risks".

Have a nice Sunday ☀️

Sunday 11 February 2024

The longest suspension bridge


There isn't any bridge between the Italian peninsula and its main island, Sicily. And this gap between mainland Italy and sicily is called the Strait of Messina, which is 3 km wide at its narrowest point. 
The main reason the bridge was never built is that this area is a very active seismic zone. 

In 2023 Italy's government agreed to the 12 Billion euros project and decided to build the bridge. It would be the longest suspension bridge in the world.

But many people think that this is just a waste of public funds, as this investment in the region is not considered to be worth. Not to mention that Italy has the second highest government debt in the EU (140.3 % of country's nominal GDP). 

How can the majority of the Italian government decide to build such bridge in one of the most seismically active area of the Mediterranean ?  The Strait of Messina is located between Etna and Stromboli, which are the two main active volcanoes in the Mediterranean. In addition, the 1908 Messina Strait earth-quake represents one of the worst seismic catastrophes in world history.

It's easy to see that the project would be useful for predators who are running multinational companies involved in construction. 

Sunday 4 February 2024

Citrus fruits trees in the urban environment

Last week I saw many clementine trees along a sidewalk of a Naples' residential neighbourhood. I know that clementine is a citrus fruit hybrid between mandarin and sweet orange, which was named in honor of the French missionary who first propagated it 🍊🍊🍊

I noticed that people don't eat fruits grown in public parks and urban areas. Actually, we don't have any information about the contamination of urban soil (heavy metals, arsenic, etc. ... ☢). 

Do you think that city fruits are safe to eat ❓ ... In my opinion, many urban soils are not pollutant-free.

Have a nice new week ☀️