Saturday 16 March 2024

Sweden has lost its policy of neutrality.

Sorry to bore you once again with a geopolitical topic. Unfortunately, I have noticed that world powers want the two wars in Ukraine and Palestine never to go to an end. 


Since the Ukraine-Russia war began, back in 2014 (not 2022), Sweden has been hitting by massive propaganda claiming if Swedish people didn't join NATO, Russians would invade them next. I think this is not true, as Russia has no interest in Sweden and its territory, although that  Scandinavian country is on Russia's "Unfriendly countries list". 

According to many analists, a clash with Finland could be a more realistic possibility. Obviously, Russia is determined to stop Moldova and Georgia from joining NATO. 

On 7th March Sweden became NATO newest member. Consequently, it's easy to see that the Swedish government will be compelled to send soldiers abroad. In addition, Swedish kids would be forced to serve in the military in Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia and other countries located close to the Russian border. 

Photo courtesy of Stefano Gazzano, who took them in Stockholm a few years ago.

Have a nice Sunday ☀

Saturday 9 March 2024

Old pharmacy in medieval times


I took the picture of the lemon tree yesterday on a sunny Friday.  I saw that tree in a private garden in the town center. I thought the owner of the tree is so lucky, as he/she can enjoy his/her small garden located in the town center. If I had a garden or a backyard I would have mainly lemon trees.

The door and the window in the above picture date back to the thirteenth century. An old pharmacy was located there, that's why there is still an old stone plaque above the ancient door.  

An old port access gate, which was used in medieval times, is still in good condition.


           The weather will be rainy here in the next 2 days. Have a nice weekend 🌧🌦


Friday 1 March 2024

1st March

I took the above picture while I was walking along a neighborhood market of the town. There were many varieties of beans and chickpeas in a traditional market stall. They remind me the importance of eating  legumes, which provide mainly protein and fiber. Not to mention of magnesium, copper , iron and phosphorous. 

The weather was mainly rainy in late February this year, and fishing boats did not sail. When fishermen can't go to the sea, they mend their nets close to their fishing vessels. Those workers provide bluefish, such as snapper and mackerel, which are a good source of potassium, selenium and vitamin 12. I don't like eating farmed fish, as diseases can sometimes spread more easily in overcrowded conditions of a singular species of fish. 

An old typical red brick building, which I saw when in Rome yesterday. That old building helps people remember the construction techniques in ancient Rome. 

a lovely image of the iPhone 15 advert.

On the way back I noticed, once again, that the cell phone can be a false companion and a huge problem nowadays, as most people are looking at smartphone all the time.

On the other hand, I think mobile phone makes our lives easier, as it connects groups of individuals sharing common interest and goals.

Have a nice month of March ☀