Saturday 27 January 2024

Train from Naples to Rome

I've just come back from a week in Naples (200 km South from Rome).
On 8th January I showed a picture of Rome's main railway station on my blog, as I had just travelled by train for job. After I had seen the comments I noticed that our blogging friend from NY State, Tom ,  was interested in modern trains. That's why I show, once again, some photos of trains which I took in the last few weeks.

The journey by train from Naples to Rome usually takes one hour and 37 minutes, but it can take just 59 minutes on the fastest service.

The train shown in the above picture is 200 metres long. It  boasts 462 seats, distributed on 11 carriages, and travels on Italy's high-speed network at up to 300 km/h.

Slow train, as shown in the picture below, may refer to a regional rail service (I took the photo at Civitavecchia railway station).

The picture below also shows slow trains at Tara Street's railway station, in Dublin (Ireland).

The following picture has nothing to do with trains. It's a tall ship above of the Italian Navy, which is named after the explorer Amerigo Vespucci.  It was launched on 22nd February 1931.

Its main activity is training campaigns for naval academy cadets, who can learn the basic rules about seamanship and navigation. I didn't took the picture of the ship. It's a photo courtesy of  Luigi, a friend of mine.

Have a nice weekend 🔆  

Sunday 14 January 2024

Three months without international assistance


On the basis of the current figures,  on average 247 Palestinians have been killed each day by Israel. They include 48 mothers each day,  which means two of them every hour.  And 117 children have been killed every day.  In addition,  since 7th October hospitals have been attacked every day.

According to international law, reprisal may be carried out in response to an attack. And reprisals are, firstly, activated by illegal act of a delinquet state and, secondly, they must be in propotion to the seriousness of the violations committed by the enemy.  But on 7th October the enemy wasn't Palestinian people. Israel was attacked by a terrorist organization that has nothing to do with Palestinian State, as everybody knows that Palestinian people couldn't fund such terrorist organization.

United Nation General Assembly resolutions calling for humanitarian cease fire have been ignored. 

In this context, the so called civilized world remains silent. 

Monday 8 January 2024

1st week of the new year

I have just come back from Naples where I spent one week from 30th December to7th  January. 

I had nice walks through the historic centre of that town founded by Greeks
     in 474 B.C.

In the meanwhile, on the geopolitic front, in the first week of the new year we have continued to hear of Israel's bombardment on Gaza and Taiwan's provocation. But it seems there is a good news, as Denmark's government has  decided not to transfer the promised F-16 fighters to Ukraine. The fact that  Western equipment and weapons will not shipped to Kyiv is now the main topic in many foreign media. 

My sister sent me another picture taken in the early morning. I like to share it. On the right side of the picture there is the island of Capri.