Sunday 13 March 2022

Down the war path

I think we can not see the war in Ukraine as an isolated event.  Instead we should also look the conflict in East Europe as an integral part of a geopolitical strategy,  due to the fact that some countries are fanning its fire by applying political and economic tools. And while the Ukrainian President is still looking for partners who will give him weapons and more military assistance, the sanctions will severely damage the economy of many countries. 

In an interesting article published two days ago by an Indian news network, the author, Palki Sharmaexplains three main mistakes made by the Ukraine President. According to the Indian journalist, Mr. Zelensky over-stimated Western support. In addition, he misread Ukraine importance to the Western countries. And last but not least, the Ukrainian President also misread Putin's intent to invade his country.

On the 1st of September 2021, Mr. Zelensky publicly said he thought the US President, Biden, would personally support Ukraine with regards to NATO membership. In April 2021 Zelensky seemed very confident in US & EU support due to the fact that his country would never be alone against Russian aggression.

But this doesn't mean that Western countries led Ukraine down the war path.

I do hope Russian invasion will go to an end soon!

Tuesday 1 March 2022

Still room for negotiation

The Ukrainian President, Zelenskij, recently urged the EU to "prove that you are with us" in Ukraine war with Russia. As it is known, the German carmaker Volkswagen has two factories and around 4,000 employees in Russia. ENI, the Italian multinational oil and gas company, and the Russian company Gazprom  have 50% each in the Blue Stream gas pipeline to Turkey. The Norwegian company Equinor has minority stakes in three Russian oilfields. The French carmaker Renault makes 8% of its earnings in Russia (source: Citibank).

In this context, how can the Ukrainian President be so naive? Does he really think that the EU may help his country? I hope the diplomacy will be able to do a good job. There is still room for a good negotiation! It is not too late!