Thursday 28 December 2023

Christian presence in Gaza


Since many decades, Israel and his allies have set up a false narrative about Palestine's people, due to the fact that they have been comparing Palestinians with Muslims. And since October 7, they have done the same. In other words, they have not mentioned that the ongoing brutal war in the Middle East has massacred Palestinian Muslims as well as Palestinian Christians who live in the Gaza Strip. To sum up, while the leaders of many Christian countries continue to be silent, Israel's government is threatening the Christian presence in the holy land.

In this context, Western powers want us to support Israel's politicians, who are the same people who agree on killing unarmed journalists, nurses, doctors and children. They are the people who remember international law and war crimes only when the victims are Israelis. 

Let's wait and see if they will lie again and again.

I took the above picture of the Christmas tree in my neighborhood.  

Wednesday 20 December 2023

The shortest day of the year


2023'S Winter solstice is around the corner, as on December 22 the Northern  hemisphere will be furthest away from the sun. It will be the shortest day of the year.

The picture above shows the Bay of Naples (South Italy) on a cloudy morning in late Autumn. It was taken by my sister, who lives there.

That old medieval tower was built five centuries ago to protect against the threat of invasion by Arabs and turks. I saw it while I was on the rooftop of building located in the historic centre of the town.
The tower was surrounded completely by residential buildings two centuries after  it had been built

 Enjoy the shortest day of the year ❗

Friday 8 December 2023

Never again


I know I have bored you since October 7th, due to the fact that I sometimes speak about Gaza's  massacre. But I am sorry to hear that the United States' government vetoes Security Council draft resolution that would have demanded a humanitarian ceasefire in Gaza.

I have never heard of collective punishment of innocent people, as we see in Gaza. And, in this context, the EU should have been arguing for the protection of civilians in Gaza. On the contrary, while a genocidal war is going on, the EU president, Von Der Leyen, says: "Europe stands with Israel". But who gives her the right to speak for the citizens of Europe? We, Europeans, stand for justice for the people of Palestine. We disagree on  Israel airstrike, open declaration of siege, and fuel, electricity and water left. Not to mention of killing of children, women, journalists, nurses and doctors!

As mentioned by the Australian senator, Lidia Thorpe, at every genocide the world cries "never again". 

Wednesday 6 December 2023

On the wrong side of history

Israel's crimes against humanity still continue in Gaza. But is the hitting of hospitals and ambulance convoys still illegal under the International law? And while Westerners and many Middle East countries are turning a blind eye on the massacre in Gaza, the ICC  continues to lose credibility. On the contrary, If Russia, China or Iran were to do the same atrocities as we see in the Israel-Palestine conflict, they would be prosecuted by ICC. 

In the meanwhile, Palestinian death toll in Gaza since October 7th had passed 15,500 including 6,500 children. And the death toll of Palestinian journalists has rised to 73. 

As mentioned by the Turkish president recently, this time the so-called civilized world's societies are on the wrong side of history in the Israeli genocide of Palestinian people who live in Gaza.

Friday 1 December 2023

The 1st day of the twelveth month of the year

Today, on a cloudy morning, I saw a lovely children playground located close to a residential neighborhood in the southern outskirt of the town. 
It reminds me that  neighborhoods like that don't exist anymore in Gaza City.

 I also took a few pictures that show the sea in late Autumn.

The lanscape was pleasant and the weather was almost too good. I could see just a touch of grey clouds in the sky.

Those small wooden stilt houses are mainly used from June to October.  Situated on the sea and close to the shore, they are romantic vacation places.

The two following pictures are less romantic than the previous ones, as they show illegal waste dumping on a area surrounding the industrial district (North side of the town), due to the fact that  many construction and landscaping contractors don't use athorized methods. Typical of third world!

Unfortunately, there is still a lack of public awareness regarding the environmental, health and economic danger of illegal waste dumping.

Have a nice weekend 💦